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HAIR CLUB // Propeller Fund Grant

Received this news on a twinkle-eyed evening in Paris. Believe me, not a sentence I utter often. With friends in a jaw-droppingly efficient and perfectly vertical house in the north east of the city, near Belleville. My phone rang and it was like I forgot I was reachable so far in the distance, across oceans. The Chicago voice of daylight came in loud and clear through a fog of patisserie and wine and cheese (another one of those sentences): "We'd like to offer HAIR CLUB a Propeller Fund Grant for the 2015-2016 season." Friends, I fairly danced up and down the steps outside.

HAIR CLUB is an interdisciplinary, research-based, durational collaborative endeavor between Kelly Lloyd, Michal Lynn Shumate and myself founded in 2014 with the help of an EAGER Grant for collaborative research from the Shapiro Center at SAIC. And now, thanks to the Propeller Fund, we can keep researching durationally and collaboratively for the next year ! In the past year, we put on lectures, curated exhibitions, and made a book of hair-centered work by contemporary artists called the Book of HAIR. In the next year, we will continue to host HAIR SALONS (meandering conversations about all things politics and pop culture and HAIR), make books and open the conversation to all artists, writers, scholars and persons interested in HAIR in our wider culture.

http://propellerfund.org/projects // stay tuned !!

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